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Banner imageThe client comes first From small start-ups to large businesses
our services are individually targeted
to your specific needs.
Banner imageAchieve your goals Whether it's growing your business or
saving tax, our experts can help you
to achieve your goals.
Banner imageA Friendly and
professional team
Our friendly and approachable team
of experts can provide common-sense,
jargon-free advice when you need it most.
Banner imageThe vision to add value We have the vision, creativity and expertise
to add real value to your business
and personal finances.

About Us

Waller & Byford is a proactive and forward-thinking firm of Chartered Accountants based in Leigh-on-Sea.

Our mission is to give a direct, meaningful and personal service to each of our clients.

As well as providing traditional compliance services, and helping to ensure that you meet the necessary statutory and legislative requirements, we can work with you to develop your business, and suggest strategies for improving your personal wealth.

So whether you’re a sole trader, partnership, limited company or a new start-up, our dedicated team of professionals can help you run your business and personal finances in the most tax-efficient and profitable way possible.

We believe we stand out from the crowd and can help you whatever your size, complexity, and circumstances.

Contact us today to see how we can help you grow your business and achieve more wealth and success.

Helping to grow
your business

Business Growth

At Waller & Byford we aim to be your business partners, helping you to make the right decisions and working with you to ensure the best possible chance of success.

Boosting your
personal wealth

Personal Wealth

We can help ensure that your personal wealth is protected and managed as tax-efficiently as possible. Click to find out more information.

Business News

Business News

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